• Cappuccino

    It is believed that cappuccino got his name from the Italian word cappuccio. Cappuccio in Italian means hood that was worn by the Capuchin friars. Brown color of their hood was the reason why cappuccino got his name, as opposed to the black coffee. Original cappuccino is a coffee drink composed of double espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam. Sugar can also be added.

  • Coffee, Slavonski Brod

    In Italy espresso coffee is their version of coffee to-go. It is a strong brew served in tiny cups. Often they drink it in cafes standing up.

    Turkish people like their coffee black as night and sweet as love. The black and thick brew is always served in pot called a "cezve".

  • Short history of coffee

    It is believed that coffee was discovered in Abyssinia in East Africa, in what is now Ethiopia around 800 AD. The history of coffee is a little unclear why it is so long remained unknown to non-Arab peoples and why it took so long to come in Europe. Coffee became known to Europeans in the 17th century.
    This question is even more interesting because Europeans known of Abyssinia for over 3000 years. 

  • Rice fields in Croatia and world

    It is not well known that Croatia planted rice. At the end of the 40s of the last century first rice field appeared in Croatia. Production started in Istria. Near river Raša first rice fields were built. After Istria, new fields were near Sinj, Knin, Imotski, Slavonski Brod and Imotski.