How people drink coffee around the world?

Coffee, Slavonski Brod

In Italy espresso coffee is their version of coffee to-go. It is a strong brew served in tiny cups. Often they drink it in cafes standing up.
Turkish people like their coffee black as night and sweet as love. The black and thick brew is always served in pot called a "cezve".
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coffee is to Brazil very important. They drink it at every meal and breaks. Brazilians prefer their coffee black and strong, served in a small cup and call it "cafezinho". "Media" is a Brazilian version of coffee latte but with a lot of flavors like chocolate, orange peel etc.
Americans like their coffee in large cups to-go. From regular to all kind of coffee latte and cappuccinos, they get it mostly from many shops around.
People of Netherlands drink more coffee than any other country in the world. They will serve black cup of coffee with a delightful spice cookie called "bakkie troost".